Does your company have a remote team?


Here at Startup Secrets, we have a remote team! I’m based in Denver, Colorado. Our Executive Director is based in Providence, Rhode Island, and almost all of our board members live in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sometimes, this can be really difficult! We have tools like Slack, Trello, Google Hangouts, and Zoom that keep us all connected on a regular basis. We all check in with each other regularly, and there’s a huge amount of trust between all of our team members.

What struggles have you faced with a remote team? What are the things you love about remote teams?



My firm currently runs as a virtual enterprise with staff + a business advisory council spread across the Nirtgeast (US). We currently use teleconferencing and tools like Zoom. We can get things done. But, once in a while (at most once a month) it’s a good idea to get together in person and get things done.

I plan to add product development tasks as freelance projects and communicate via the same tools initially. But, as the business grows, I expect to “cowork” with some core staff in a physical location.



It’s nice that you’re able to meet so frequently! I know that one of the companies we’ve worked with has employees spread across the United States, Central America, and Europe (and it’s not a very big team!), so it’s much harder for them to get together. Are you going to try to have an office at some point? Do you have any pointers on helping people connect with each other online?