Have you seen our new Medium publication? Do you want to contribute?


Hey everyone!

Recently, we started a Startup Secrets Medium publication! It will contain additions to blog posts, thoughts on current events, and featured articles from members of our community.

Head over to www.medium.com/startup-secrets-revealed to check it out!

If you’d like to contribute an article, reach out to hello@startupsecrets.com. We love to feature stories from our users. Tell us about your experience using one of our frameworks, something you learned from a failure, or a breakthrough that you had that radically changed your business. Please note that all articles will be subject to editorial review.

Don’t be shy! Reach out, read our articles, share your own thoughts. We’re always here to answer questions or help out our favorite entrepreneurs!

– The Startup Secrets Team



Hi there ! I think that’s great - and I would love to contribute to the new channel. Please let me know more about the format so we can start exchanging some ideas.
Best, Erik



Hi Erik! (and all the other entrepreneurs out there that are interested in working with us!)

If you’re wanting to write an article with us, please reach out to me at claire@startupsecrets.com. Let me know what you’re interested in writing about, and if possible, how Startup Secrets helped!

Your articles should be personal – we want to hear about your journey! What lessons have you learned? What failures did you deal with? How did you overcome an obstacle?

You’re welcome to submit a piece, and it’ll go through our editing process, then published on our Medium publication with credit to you, the writer!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.