How can we most add value?


Hi All. Martin Sinozich here, Exec Director of Startup Secrets.

So I have a question for all of you who are reading/scanning the forum posts…

We want to hear from you, not just about the website, but about how and where Startup Secrets can most be helpful to you.

Please reach out to me or Claire, ideally on this forum but also by email if that’s better for you, and tell us a few things:

– what do you find most compelling about our lectures, frameworks and examples? What is least compelling?

– what would you most like to see more of? Where would you suggest we expand our efforts?

– what do you find that we do uniquely well? Why do you come to Startup Secrets, as opposed to all the other offerings you have available to you online?

Generally, as we set our workplace for '19, we’d like to give you a voice in our activities so we maximize the help we give you. Please let us know!!

And thank you!

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Hey all!

Please feel free to reach out to Martin and I on this post, or if you have more detailed responses, you’re welcome to e-mail us at hello@startupsecrets.com.

We’re excited to hear how we can be improving Startup Secrets for you!



Hi @Martin,

I have only just joined and haven’t really had a chance yet to catch up on lectures, but I can tell you what I’m already impressed with and why I signed up.

First, I’m genuinely surprised and enjoy the ease of communicating in forums with StartupSecrets. I’ve never really been one to comment or say anything, but SS makes it very welcoming and easy. I enjoyed the bot training, oddly enough, I thought it was a cute introduction to your processes.

As to why I joined, it was actually recommended to me by a sibling of one of the curators. I actually run a nonprofit, but nonprofits are very much businesses. Keeping up with the direction of business, best practices, etc. is just as important for a nonprofit as it is anyone else. Also, I’ve been running Troopster long enough to know that you can never learn enough, and in fact often even if you have a working product, it is good to go back to the beginning and make sure your MVP is still valid for the market. And that’s why I’m here.

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Hi @Martin, @Claire,
apart from the quality of the materials presented in the workshops, I would like to mention one particular value-add of SS which is, Use Cases. The founders who step up and talk about their ventures, successes and failures are the link between “Business Theory” and the real world.
For those of us who already have some ventures under their belts, the founders’ stories help us validate our own assumptions about what we should have avoided, and what to do better next time 'round.

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That’s great, Erik! Thank you so much for the input.

We’ve got a few updates to the examples and case studies in mind and I have meetings with some local entrepreneurs (including one who just shut down his company after running out of money) in the next two weeks - I’ll do my best to get their stories online pretty quickly thereafter to keep that information “alive” for your benefit and everyone else’s on the site!

One note: we’re also working hard on breaking down the videos into more digestible “lessons” that focus on just one or two key topics. We’re thinking that will make the content more navigable for you, and you’ll be able to go back and reference things more easily.

Please do keep the comments and suggestions coming!


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Hi Martin and Claire,

I’m a happily and partially retired physician and a professor embarking on a new venture of figuring out the “secrets of startups” – so, while surfing the web a few months ago, I ended up on your webcast and found MJS to be a compelling and a great storyteller. I was hooked! I’ve watched all but 2 of the broadcasts so far. Great work, keep it up! The only “deficiency” – if we call it that way - I see, at least from my perspective, is that all the topics (companies) discussed on the program are about non-medical stuff. I say that because I’m now (i.e., my second career) going thru the motion of starting a University spin out startup re: a medical device accessory. So, it would be useful to listen to other folks who have made it in the “medical device space” about their experiences, etc.
Best. NR

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Thanks for sharing this Chelsea. As you go deeper, let us know what works for you and what’s missing as a nonprofit. And good luck with Troopster!



Thanks so much, Nagesh!

We’re aware that a lot of our content is focused around the tech industry, and we’re working on bringing content relevant to other industries. We’ll definitely work on rounding out our work in the medical industry.

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