How do you cultivate culture in your startup?


This is a toughie!

Culture in startups is one of those fuzzy, soft subjects. We know it when we see it (hello, Spanx! Encouraging women to be entrepreneurs? That’s a great culture), but it’s hard to define, and even harder to establish in a startup when you only have a handful of people.

So how do you cultivate that? Do you have a physical office layout that helps build a culture of openness? Do you celebrate little accomplishments every week to boost engagement and enthusiasm?

Tell me how you helped build culture in your startup!

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And when you do provide your stories, think hard about how the culture you want matches to the physical actions you take. People talk about culture a lot, and then don’t realize all the non-verbal signals they claim to have. For example: I worked at one large company that proclaimed openness and the ability for anyone to speak up for the good of the company, but then you noticed that all the senior managers sat behind assistants with closed doors. So how does that promote openness and speaking up?

We’d love to have your stories about physical things you do, beyond words to foster the culture you’re trying to build.


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I found this article today, which seems helpful for creating culture when you have a remote team: