Introduce Yourself!

Hey Startup Secrets Friends!

This is a thread where you can just introduce yourself, get to know some of your fellow entrepreneurs, and start connecting with the people that will really help you grow.

I’ll start:

My name is Claire. I live in Denver and have two dogs named Bert and Choo Choo. I have yet to start my own business, but I’m excited about the possibility one day! I am passionate about farming (and ag-tech), education, and empowering entrepreneurs to help grow their local economies. I’ve been working with Startup Secrets for about a year now, working on bringing you the best features, more lessons, and new content every day!

Tell me about yourself! Where are you from? What is your company?

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Hi Claire,

My name is Donnie. I live in Hayward, CA (about 30 minutes southeast of San Francisco). In addition to working in tech, I’ve been freelancing for a number of years providing 1-on-1 coaching and teaching interpersonal communication, presentation skills, and leadership development workshops. I’'m looking forward to learning more about you and the work you’re doing as well as meeting others who are on the entrepreneurial journey.

To bright futures and much continued success!


Hi everyone,

I’m Chiudo, an Atlas Corps Fellow serving with an organization in Boston, to support science teaching and research in developing countries. I’m currently working on an idea to improve waste management in Sub-Saharan Africa, and look forward to learning from this community as well as sharing my thoughts/experiences as I refine/build out the idea.


Hello everyone,

My name is Tamer Kadmany, I am from Israel, I am 27 years old , I have started my Bsc in computer science for the second time after a failed attempt before in the past, The Startup Secrets online course has helped me understand what a solid startup is, since then I have read 20 more or less related books and I am planning to read more.

I am very happy to be able to share with you and be part of this wonderful community.

Thank you

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Hi everyone, I am Erik based in Munich, Germany. I have been involved in startups since 2005 when I became co-founder of an early streaming platform called Museeka, a competitor to Pandora. Ever since worked for different platform ventures in Switzerland, France and also in Sao Paulo, Brazil for two years.
I am now starting a new venture called Aladin which is creating a new type of front end specially designed for e-commerce. Over the years, I was able to see many different startup programmes, but Startup Secrets is really out there in a league of its own.
Hoping to have interesting discussions here!


Hello @claire and all,

My name is Chelsea. I live in Norfolk, Virginia and operate a nonprofit organization called Troopster which sends care packages to troops deployed around the world. I founded Troopster back in 2015 while I was still serving active duty as a Photojournalist for the United States Navy :anchor:. The idea came to me in 2013 when I was serving on my 7th ship and most difficult deployment. I realized, after getting a package from my mom that hadn’t made the trip, that lots of other service members either didn’t get care packs or they faced the same trouble I had of items going bad. I worked for two years and waited until I wasn’t in a deployable status to officially launch Troopster. Since launching we have sent more than 5,000 care packages to troops around the world and it’s been GREAT!

On a personal note, I have a couple of German Shepherds, Katie and Tia. My fiance, Travis, and I love to hike, camp and be outdoors with our dogs. We plan to one day move into a cabin and homestead.

Well that’s me! I’m excited to see what I can learn from Startup Secrets.


Hey everyone!

My name is Hayden. I’m from Boston, MA, and I’m not an entrepreneur yet but I’m really interested in agtech. Finding ways to feed people is my passion! Startup Secrets has been great for learning about how to identify problems to solve as an entrepreneur, so I’m still working through that.

I have a hermit crab named Sally, and my favorite place on earth is Copenhagen.

Nice to meet you all!

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Hi all, Martin here.

Not sure I’ve introduced myself in this discussion post - but you’ll see me comment and put in new material throughout the website, as I’m the Exec Director of Startup Secrets.

Aside from Startup Secrets, I spend a ton of time helping entrepreneurs, though investment activities and through my work at Harvard Business School where I’ve been an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for four years. Most of my thinking and posts are going to come from personal experience (more on that below) but tempered or supplemented with the academic work being done at great universities.

On personal experience: I worked for large and small companies for the first 18 years of my career in various IT, Operations, and Finance roles. I made a conscious decision to work for myself in 2002 (I got fired from a job!) and I’ve never looked back - I’ve started, owned, sold, and supported a number of different businesses: fitness franchises, popsicles (a national brand that we just shut down last year), real estate and hotels, small manufacturing in addition to my work as head of Operations in two IPO internet companies. So lots of broad experience, some failures, some successes.

I hope I can add value and I look forward to helping and supporting all of you!


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My name is Eloise, and I am from Paris, France. I work in branding and marketing and am trying to start my own consultation firm in Paris for these services.

I have an husband from America, so I have visited the United States few times. I very much like San Francisco, where I know there are many startups. I have a cat named Bernard.

I look forward to having conversations with all of you. I hope my English is good!

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Hi all!
I’m Johan from Sweden. I’m a consultant in intensive care medicine and a PhD student who recently got the guts to start pursuing a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Twenty or so years as a clinician trying to keep up with science so that I knew I was doing the best for my patients has got me started on an SaaS idea that would’ve helped me and my colleagues tremendously in our daily work.
I recently found the YouTube series from Startup Secrets and the Harvard I-Lab and ended up here!

On a personal level, I recently (10 months ago) became a father of the most beautiful little girl in the world, completely objective :wink: Every time it’s my turn to let her go to sleep I first sing some lullabies, then let her know of marketing plans, business models etc, and it’s been the best way to get her to sleep so far :smile:

Anyhow, I hope to catch not only great advice in here, but also friendliness and friendship, and who knows, maybe sometime I’ll be able to give someone some piece of advice too!


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Howdy everyone!
I’m Raghav, Based in Udaipur, India. :cowboy_hat_face:
An ex Physics :thinking::stars::telescope: & Economics :face_with_monocle::moneybag::chart: Major.
I’m the Founder of PerSceptre Technologies, a company that creates Extended Reality (VR/AR) :goggles::star_struck: Software & Hardware. Prior to this venture I was the co-founder of a Game-Dev studio :video_game:.

Pleasure to be a part of this community~

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Hi everyone, my name is Nick and I am co-founder of Coupler, the mobile application that helps couples find new friends through common interests.

As a first time founder, I was searching for resources and support to help me take the next steps in growing our business.

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Hey There,

My name is Raz. I live in Libreville (Gabon). I’m a senior corporate guy in IT and management with 21 years of experiences. IT is my passion. Since almost 2 years now am thinking about becoming and entrepreneur and dedicate to my own journey. I’m tripped about the innovation and entrepreneurship concept themselves and would like to use them as my new professional main topic in order to help others firms (established or startups) to improve. I just discovered Startup Secret through an article on Forbes. Am preparing intensively my transition, recognizing it is not easy to transit from 20y corporate life to entrepreneurship journey, almost like restarting everything from scratch.

Nice to be here and thrilled to exchange and learn more from you guys.