Marketing on a small budget?


Startups usually don’t have a ton of money but want to impress the world with their products. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads can be cheap, but they can also get really expensive. What marketing tools/avenues do you use that are cheap?

I know there’s content marketing, like sending out newsletters (with tools like MailChimp for cheap!) and writing a blog. I can post on social media a lot! What other tools do you use to get your message out there for cheap?

Any ideas?



I like to use community platforms that are free to get messages out about my clients businesses. If you look on things like ProductHunt and IndieHackers for the startups, or other industry-related blogs.

Marketing softwares are very expensive and difficult to use unless you have very many people knowing how to use them. I would encourage you to use social media platforms and community platforms if you have a small budget.



Great tips!

Once I get an MVP up and running, I plan on using Quora for domain-specific topics. I think they´ve had great success on SEOing themselves, and find myself ending up there ever so often, albeit with a bias filter on my reading glasses… Writing for Medium seem to have a lot of similarities and would be a complementing thing to do.
Just my 2 cents!


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