Selling your Intellectual Property?


Hello I hope all is well! I am a Grad Student at Harvard and I was wondering if anyone was familiar with selling their Intellectual Property portfolio. I am an Industrial Designer/Inventor and have a decent sized portfolio of 15 US Patents and 300 UK Industrial Designs. However, I filed 51 US patents and many for are issuing, slowly but surely.

Is anyone familiar with using a Patent Broker? My portfolio consists of consumer electronics and consumer goods. My plan is to go to CES 2020/CES2021 and give out my business card/postcard flyer to ALL the tech companies. I get a good feeling about that because my theory is it would invoke competition to acquire between them.


Michael Ross Catania



Hi Michael,

I don’t have the knowledge to advise you on this, but I share a Harvard affiliation with you (I’m an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Harvard Business School). Perhaps I can connect you to the iLab team to see if they can assist? Please reach out to me through the Harvard network - you should be able to find me, and perhaps we can arrange a time to talk.


Martin Sinozich