Startup Resolutions!


Happy new year, everyone!

Do you have resolutions for the new year for your business? We’d love to hear what your goals are for this year! It may be something small, like starting a blog, or something huge, like launching a new product!

Here at Startup Secrets, our New Year’s Resolution is to take all those long videos and turn them into smaller, digestible chunks with more information and more ways to learn. We’re excited to start rolling those out soon!

So, tell us your resolutions!



i know i’m a little late here, because it’s now february, but my resolution this year is to really get the ball rolling in terms of marketing and outreach. i’m not a marketing person, and it’s really hard to get that started! but i think i’ll finally have enough money this year to hire someone on to help me out, which of course will help make us more money. that’s my resolution!

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That’s a great resolution, Sarah! Do you have any really concrete steps to get there?



My startup resolution for this year is to really get serious about a business idea I’ve had rolling around for some time. I want to delve into intense market research, both bottom-up and top-down. It’s really just a struggle to set aside time to devote to this, but that’s why the resolution has been set!

@claire and @Sarah how are your resolutions coming along? How do you keep them a priority?