The Best Newsletters You're Subscribed To


Hello, Startup Secrets Community!

I was glugging through my (one too many) inboxes and got overwhelmed by newsletters I receive. Many of them don’t inspire me and others just don’t seem relevant to the journey I’m on. What are some of your favorite newsletters? What makes them exciting for you to receive each day? Help me reinvent my excitement around opening up my email because right now it’s a process of deleting everything to see the important things!

All suggestions are welcome, though I do tend to lean towards entrepreneurially driven newsletters.



I love Jimmy Daly’s newsletter, Swipe File. Jimmy is a marketing guru based out of NYC, and he sends out tons of interesting articles and useful tools, along with inspiration and job postings at times. It’s really a well-rounded newsletter for any marketer (especially new marketers) to get into!

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I really like the Startup Digest from TechStars :slight_smile:

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I could definitely use his insight - thank you for the recommendation!



Startup Digest is amazing, Sarah!

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