What are the steps to building a brand?


Hey guys –

I’m a technical thinker, and I know nothing about branding. Any suggestions on how to get started with my branding? I’ve read a lot but don’t know where to start. Maybe something easy so I can just get the ball rolling?

  • Hayden



A strong brand is such an important aspect of a business - and one of my favorite as it really writes the story of a company in a way which authentically speaks to potential consumers. I would definitely recommend beginning with a brand style guide. This document really sets you on the path of building your brand in both verbal and visual elements.

Start with the verbal. Get into a creative mindset and write the story of the company, the mission, vision, and values. Craft a brand persona (a person you think resembles your brand) - give it a name, a tone of voice, ask how they would speak with others, what activities they like to do. Your brand persona is the personal representation of what you want your company to live and speak out. User/customer personas are also a great element to add to a style guide. Who is your company speaking to? What are their demographics, interests, etc.?

Once you have gotten the verbal side of the company on paper, use that to influence your visual elements. For example, if you feel your company to value positivity and have a mission towards creating healthy impact on the world, you would want to pick colors and graphics that mimic that. Think yellows, blue, greens, softer lines as opposed to deep red and harsh shapes. At this point, a graphic designer would be really helpful to get your thoughts out but start out with yourself, searching for color palettes, inspiration boards, etc.

All of these activities are getting you into the mindset of your company and the creative mind you want for branding! It really is a process and brands can always change over time (and should in some instances).


Thanks, Rachel! This is really helpful. I think maybe having someone else help me with this would be a good idea – again, I’m not really creative, so while I think I can help make a voice for my company, once we start to get into colors and fonts and all the other visual elements, that may be out of my leage.

Have you (or anyone else here) ever used a branding firm to help with this? What do they do? Are they worth the cost?


Hey! I found this really great guide on Medium for How to Build a Brand: