What's the difference between mission and vision statements?


These two feel so similar to me! I know that some people say that vision is long-term and mission is short-term, or that vision is what your company will look like and mission is how you’ll change the world around you.

What are your thoughts? How do you differentiate between these two?


Hello Claire,

a company’s mission could be something like saying, We would like to make 30% of our current freemuim customer base turn into premuim paying customers through more marketing and sales effort,

While a company’s vision could be something like saying, we would like to become a leader in our industry,

Youtube for example, keeps investing in and developing new metholodgies in order to improve customer experience, that could be the company’s mission, I believe they also want to be known as the global leader in their business and turn every internet user (or those of a video usage interest) , into being their customer.

I hope someone can check my answer and correct me for mistakes,
Thank you